Couple say they share a bed with a ghost dog who sits at their feet and watches TV

A couple say they have spent the last week sharing their bed with a friendly dog ghost who sits at their feet and watches television with them.

Michael Lee, from Southport, claims that it started with footprints moving across the bed and now the ghost likes lying across his legs with his pet cat, Maggie, keeping away from the phantom dog, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The 47-year-old and his husband Blake Lee, 43, believe the ghostly presence is a dog and is certain it will cause no harm.

Michael told the Liverpool Echo: “About five in the morning, I thought the cat had come on the bed to wake us up for food, but the cat was nowhere to be seen. It was like footprints that were coming slowly on the bed, then lay on my foot.

“It lays crossways. You can see where I have a fluffy blanket on the bed it is completely flat then when this dog comes across you can see the dip in the bed where it is lying. It is quite heavy, too heavy to be a cat.”

Michael has an infrared camera that he can view on his phone and it has a two way microphone so the other day he tried to see if he could capture the ghost.

He spoke into the bedroom using the camera asking “is anybody there?” He then was met with what he describes a “high pitched howl”.

He then asked the ghost “are you a dog?” to then be met with the same noise.

Michael said: “It doesn’t scare me, you know what it might be and what it couldn’t be. It’s not going to harm you. It is a poltergeist but ghosts don’t seem to do any harm anyway.

“All it does is just lie on my feet, that’s all it does.

“I have my partner as a witness who has seen the dip in the bed. When I asked if the ghost was there the other day, he heard the noise it made. There’s no way a cat would make that noise, it must be a dog.”