Mum finds old school report from when she was just four – and it’s absolutely brutal

A mum has been left baffled after unearthing an old school report from when she was just four years old – in which a teacher made savage jibes about her maturity.

Louise Mustchin recently discovered the report, which dates back 1991, and shared it to Facebook, where others described it as “brutal” and “over the top.”

“Louise took a while to settle in, finding school a big step – full of situations that she felt overwhelming and left her feeling unsure. She needs support and guidance to steer her in the right direction as she can be rather determined and try to get her own way,” the report read.

“She has made friends with a few children but not necessarily ones who would, by their own effort, encourage her to keep on task. She is very good at digressing and finding herself over in the home corner!! She fails to realise the importance of commitment to work – no doubt a reflection of her maturity.”

Sharing a photo of the report on Facebook, Louise wrote: “My school report from 1991. I’m an August baby, so I would’ve not long turned four when this was written. I’m now almost 34, I’m a student mental health nurse and I do still digress.”

Other parents were left horrified by the harsh words, with many pointing out that the behaviour described is extremely typical for a small child of that age.

“That’s brutal! I would have been so peed off if a teacher spoke about my four-year-old child that way. I was busy licking windows and eating mud at four, don’t know what level of maturity they’re expecting,” one person commented.

Another added: “This is harsh but I had a report at 4 years old saying I will never be anything other than average. I strive to be everything but average now.”

Meanwhile, a horrified primary teacher wrote: “As an early years preschool teacher, this report is so negative! Certainly not the way we do things now!”

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Louise said she found a similar report from the headteacher which was no better, adding: “My daughter starts school there in September, I hope it’s better now.”