Dog Befriends Injured Baby Deer While She Recovers

Pat Pollifrone found a young deer sitting alone near the side of his house after he got home from work last week.

The mother did not return so he escorted her into the nearby woods, but the deer returned to his driveway in the morning.

“So I guess we have a deer now,” Pollifrone said.

Upon closer inspection, Pollifrone realized “Bambi” was in need of assistance.

He pulled about 30 ticks off of one eye alone.

Pollifrone’s dog Zoey wanted to help out, too.

Zoey checked on Bambi every day to let her know she’s safe and in good care.

However, Pollifrone knew his home was not a suitable home for a young deer.

Three days ago, he found a home for Bambi at a local goat farm.

As you can see, she has settled in nicely.